Mountain Pools Testimonials

Norman and I want you to know that not only did you build us a beautiful pool, you did it extremely efficiently, (finished a week early!), and elegantly as well. The way each of you did your jobs so skillfully was a great pleasure to observe.  We admire people who take their jobs seriously and care about doing each part well.  Whether it was carefully climbing out of the matrix and leaning over the side to finish up or so carefully raking the topsoil around the tiny buds of our wild roses, your professional pride in doing your best was noticed and appreciated.  Our grandkids were able to watch different teams of men all working together very compatibly and happily - it was almost like watching a ballet at times.  The pool teams worked so hard, didn't even seem to take breaks and stayed each day until the job was done.

Thank you for always being so polite and for caring about the quality of the work you do. It was amazing to watch our backyard be transformed from grass to mud and rocks to a beautiful oasis where our grand kids will play for years to come.

We will highly recommend you all to anyone who is interested in having a pool built.

Norman and Joyce Baron

Hello Howard,
I wanted you to know that, from my perspective, you have an amazing crew working here this week. I find it most unusual that each and every one of them demonstrate a very professional and congenial approach to everything they have done.

I am sure this is a direct reflection of you and your selections and trust that you place in them. It has been pure pleasure watching their care, concern and artistry in building the pool. It is a rare instance that I'm able to say this. Kudos to you and your crew. Thank you!


Dear Howard:

Just a note to thank you. I had such a wonderful summer enjoying my pool this year. I appreciate all the hard work your crew put in a year ago to get the pool back in shape. Glad they were able to handle all the issues and make it a wonderful place to relax!

Cindy Gamcsik

I want to thank you for the professional way that you handled the repair on our pool.  The best way I can show my gratitude is to pay you - fast.   I also want you to know that you have a new customer for all our pool needs.  

Neil Ortner