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Coyote Durango


  • Dimensions: 89”x93” ( 226.06cm x 236.22cm )
  • Water Capacity: 500 gallons
  • Jets: 51 Jets
  • Pumps: 3 pump
  • Seating Features: Up to 7 people
  • 2 Waterfall Neck Jets with illuminated waterfall
  • 2 position headrests

Specific Features

All the features listed in the standard features list below come with this hot tub.

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Standard Hot Tub Features

Targeted Therapy Zones

Coyote Hot Tub Targeted Therapy Zones

We have concentrated the jets in the corner seats to specific areas of the body making these targeted therapy zones. Lower body, lower back, upper body, mid-back and overall body coverage are all focuses of these seats.

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Maintenance Free Cabinets

Coyote Hot Tub Maintenance Free Cabinets

Coyote Spa cabinets are designed to have the appearance of natural wood with the durability and low maintenance of synthetic composite materials.

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Coyote Spa Shell Technology

Coyote Hot Tub Shell

Finally A Hot Tub Headrest That Works! After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, we believe we've finally come up with the ultimate hot tub pillow design. Our new telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers.

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Everlast Floors

Coyote Hot Tub Everlast Floor

Pristine Spa Water With Minimum Work. As Arctic Spas® continues to refine our patented filtration systems and develop new purification ideas, our goal has always been to keep your spa water safe and clean, and to do so with the least amount of work for the spa owner as possible.

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Advanced Micro Filtration

Coyote Hot Tub Advanced Micro Filtration

Coyote Spas utilize recyclable Silver Sentinel micro filters. This layered media thoroughly filters suspend particles down to 1 micron on a single pass leaving you with crystal clear water without the fuss of traditional filter systems.

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Advanced Controls

Coyote Hot Tub Controls

New for 2011, we offer our new Eco-Pack spa controls. This cutting edge platform is ready for the future with a faster processor, which features huge upgradability.

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High Performance Jets

Coyote Hot Tub Massage Jets

Vital to providing the best spa hydrotherapy available are jets that continue to perform over the long-term.

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Promixx Ozone System

Coyote Hot Tub Advanced Ozone Purification

Ozone is perhaps nature's most powerful water purifier.

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LED Lighting

Coyote Hot Tub Lighting

Coyote Spas uses Precision Beam Diffusion LED technology to deliver perfectly mixed true colour.

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Insulated Covers

Coyote Hot Tub Covers

Coyote Spas offers a wide range of hot tub covers and specifications. At the very top of our line is the VACSEAL cover, which is available on some models.

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Acrylic Colors

Coyote Hot Tub Colors

We offer a great variety of colours: Ultramarine, Sterling Silver, Starry Night Blue, Oyster, Moonscape, Mocha and Copper.

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Optional Hot Tub Features

Sound FX Stereo

Coyote Hot Tub Sound FX System

To enhance the hot tubbing experience all Coyote Spas are available with the Sound FX Stereo system.

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110 Volt Option

Coyote Hot Tub Volt Option

Our 110V (13A) option enables the our select tubs to be plugged into any outlet to provide easy, economical installation.

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Northern Insulation

Coyote Hot Tub Northern Insulation

Coyote Spas™ Northern Insulation utilizes a perimeter Heatlock™ insulating system first developed for spas installed in the coldest regions in the world.

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