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Our Spas Feature:

Targeted Therapy Zones: Extremely concentrated jet regions to target major muscle groups.
Ergonomic Seating: A huge variety of seating molds to fully support any body type.
More Jets: Up to 114 jets available for extreme massage therapy.
More Entertainment: Built in TV and music system options.
The Everlast ABS solid floor is fully insulated, and completely seals the underside of the spa, keeping it impervious to moisture, pests, and time.
The Perimeter Heat Lock Insulation System allows the heat generated from the equipment to help heat the water - a more cost efficient system!

Coyote SpasĀ® are designed using the latest therapeutic principles. Each spa is engineered to fit the contours of your body, to provide proper lumbar support and to maximize your comfort. Ergonomic seating cradles your body, while the jets melt away stress and muscle strain.

No other substance on Earth can rival the innate natural healing properties of water. Ancient cultures recognized water as a natural medicine and pioneered the use of hydrotherapy for treatment of all manner of illnesses, pain and disease. A warm soak and having your muscles and joints massaged with water jets, creates measurable positive physiological changes in our bodies.

Traditional Spa designs afford much of these benefits, but our research shows that there is so much more that can be done to enhance the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Coyote SpasĀ® engineers utilize larger high volume jets that pulsate to provide much better massage than the simple jets of years past. Targeted zones of massage concentrate the best jet action for that part of the body to deliver the ideal restorative results


The Arroyo Series


The Otero Series

The Terrace Series